Connecting people of all ages in the Tulsa community and beyond to opera through the contribution and spirit of volunteerism




The Guild of Tulsa Opera is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to promoting opera for the Tulsa community and region in coordination with Tulsa Opera, Inc.


Objective I: Continue to develop fully engaged and active leadership

Strategy: Continue to staff the Board in thirds --1/3 of officers new, 1/3 currently serving, 1/3 returning after time off

Strategy: Review, update, and print job descriptions

Strategy: Provide a copy of job descriptions to nominees to review before they accept a nomination

Strategy: Have an informal planning session for former and new officers to focus on officers’ responsibilities and important dates within a month of the election



Objective II: Strive to expand overall membership and to increase active membership

Strategy: Publish Membership Booklet by the second membership meeting of the year

Strategy: Have handout of opportunities ready to give visitors/new members and have a specific follow up plan to contact visitors/new members



Objective III: Continue to support Tulsa Opera by contributing money and volunteer service

Strategy: Increase Season Tickets held by Guild members by at least 10%

Strategy: Contribute a reasonable amount of money to Tulsa Opera, Inc. as well as to the Endowment fund, from monies earned in fundraising activities

Strategy: Devise a reasonably accurate record to track of volunteer time and money spent in service to Tulsa Opera, implement such a plan, and provide the results to Tulsa Opera, Inc.

Strategy: Stirve to donate at least 500 volunteer hours to Tulsa Opera, Inc., by distributing literature, light walking, providing Artist Hospitality, providing support for all education efforts, and helping with other needs



Objective IV: Continue to provide Educational Opportunities for Members and the Community

Strategy: Continue the new adult education program to continue Exploring Opera

Strategy: Continue Insights before each performance


TGOTO Strategic Plan


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